Modular system

SAMAN ENERGY modular system is based on a concept of standard modules for the construction of low voltage electrical switchboards. Using a relatively few standard part it is possible to construct any type of custom made switchboard.

The SAMAN ENERGY modular system is manufactured under Partner agreement with CUBIC Modulsystem A/S from Denmark, and there is a very close technical cooperation for the transfer of Know-How between the two companies.

Here are a few reasons why we should consider becoming a partner with CUBIC:


  • A reliable independent partner
  • We focus on having a good long-term relationship
  • Tested solutions to the latest standards
  • Freedom to select the components we wish to install in the modular system
  • Thorough training in our products
  • Technical support and assistance from CUBIC



When a safe and efficient power distribution is needed – SAMAN ENERGY Modular system is the answer. The Modular system from SAMAN ENERGY is one of the most versatile and safe enclosure solutions on the market. The Modular system is an enclosure system for electrical switchboards, which makes it possible to construct any type of low voltage switchboard.

Freedom to assemble the kind of electrical switchboard you need 

The SAMAN ENERGY Modular system is constructed on the basis of a main module size of 192 mm, which is dividable with 12 figures without decimals. A module size, which ensures a maximum of versatility and an enclosure that meets individual requirements and demands from end-user, customer and consultants. Construct an electrical switchboard solution based on a range of standard components without compromise in relation to the level of quality. Freedom to choose the electrical components and switchgear from the component manufacturer you prefer.

Available types of switchboard to be constructed with the Modular system

It is possible to construct any type of switchboard in the Modular system including, but not limited to:

  • Main switchboards
  • Distribution switchboards
  • Control panels
  • Marine Panels
  • Motor Control center(MCC)
  • 19 rack enclosure and server racks
  • Control desks

Modular system: One system, hundreds of tests and certifications

When we say that the our modular system is tested, it means that hundreds of tests on the modular system with a wide range of components from different suppliers have made. Together with the world’s major suppliers of electrical components, a selection of their components ranging from small MCB / MCCB’s up to the largest 6300A ACB are tested with the modular system. Components are installed in complete assemblies fitted together with different kind of busbars and connections and subjected to all tests in IEC/EN 61439-1, -2 and -3.

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